Angus Disability Consulting – Fostering Positivity & Fairness

Mission Statement

Angus Disability Consulting recognizes that clients are the reason for our existence. And we would make sure that their interests are protected as we embark on a journey to make businesses disabled friendly both for their staff and customers. We have always been passionate about fostering positivity and opening up a new world that presents new opportunities to be explored. The cornerstone of our activities and services is competence based on knowledge, education and experience. We pride ourselves in being dependable, transparent, and reliable.

Breaking Prejudice

Though the rights of people with major or minor illnesses have been taken up over the years, they continue to suffer from prejudice and discrimination at the workplace. Many small and large organizations tend to have prejudice when it comes to talent acquisition among the disabled. Quite same is the case when it comes to treating their customers. They knowingly and unknowingly often violate the Disability Act Myrtle Beach and deny employment to people or making not attempting to make their premises disabled friendly. As per the Disability Act Myrtle Beach no qualified individual with disabilities can be discriminated in services, programs or activities.

We are on a mission to break such prejudice and help small and large organizations become disabled friendly. As seasoned professionals dealing with Myrtle Beach disability activities we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity, in a socially responsible manner. We embrace change, rather than fear it, recognizing that innovation is our path to renewal. Technology, teamwork, and the application of creative skills, enable us to assist organizations to address issues related to disability through policy research and analysis, training, and consultancy.

Disability Isn’t Inability

Disability isn’t an obstacle for individuals to perform in a workplace. It only poses challenges that can easily be overcome by grit and determination. There are hundreds of examples of people who have excelled in different fields despite suffering from certain kinds of handicap. There is a Stephen Hawking or a Beethoven around us who are waiting to prove their skills and talent. They don’t demand privileges but a level playing field where they can prove that they are different to no one. We are committed to providing premier solutions for disability inclusion challenges: from talent acquisition to partner pipelines, from compliance to culture change, from accommodations to accessibility, from market awareness to market gain.

We bring in a scientific approach in reviewing your HR policies that help educate you on how to create a welcoming attitude towards people who may be physically or otherwise challenged. At Angus Disability Consulting we draw strength from deep sense of knowledge across different disability issues and experience in negotiating with different stake holders across the community. We have developed an extensive network of referrals to help clients hire disabled in an effective and personalized manner that helps these people find their right place in the society without the businesses having to compromise on their key goals. We also review their premises to ensure they comply with the basic requirements of the disability act and make their premises accessible.

If you wish to get your HR policies reviewed or want to make your premises disabled friendly, get it touch with us today.


“I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Angus in a number of capacities in the field of disabilities. I have found her to be knowledgeable, hard working, with a very good sense of priorities and policies.” Mark Smith, MS

“Mary conducts herself in her activities with unwavering attention to principles and values including the principles of inclusion, non-discrimination, personal dignity, self-determination, empowerment and meaningful choice.” Eric Evans, PhD